Other services

Other services

other services - Other services

Property Management Bulgaria Ltd. as your Property Manager can offer you a wide range of additional services:

circle2 - Other services  Assisting in supplying with Bulgarian ID cards for Permanent Resident

circle2 - Other services  Assisting with Re-locating in Bulgaria

circle2 - Other services  Legal advices – legal rights, ownerships, civil/common, public and trade law all type of legal advices, provided by our competent solicitors and lawyers

circle2 - Other services  Accountancy and Tax return – single service for your Bulgarian Limited Company with organizing annual Tax Return form; regular accountant service for you trading Bulgarian Company

circle2 - Other services  Travel arrangements – assistance for your booking flights, transport, accommodation, money exchange etc.

circle2 - Other services  Shopping assistant and “Welcome food packages” – formed and delivered per your list and request

circle2 - Other services  Assisting in purchasing a car in Bulgaria: contacting you with some of the leading car shops, dealing with the paper work involved in the car purchase, tax and police register of the new car, arranging the car marking requested from the insurance company, arranging car insurance

circle2 - Other services  Car repairs and checks – all kind of car repairs, oil change, passing the Government obligatory car review /MOT/ etc.

circle2 - Other services  Excursions, tours and sight-seeing all over Bulgaria

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