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Trust us with Your property, and we will repay Your trust with reliable stream of income from it

Buying a property in Bulgaria is a pretty much a strait forward process, profiting from that property is different matter. The cost to maintain Your property is adding to the costly purchase. We from PMB Group offer You to maintain and rent that property for You, getting the most out of it. We will fix and prepare the property for the summer, we will pay all the taxes, electric and water bills, we will repair and repaint the property if needed, and in the and we will listed for rent, or for sale, if it is Your wish. We are ready to finance all that repairs and maintenance and subtract the cost in the end of the season or at the sale of the property. We offer Cleaning Service-preparing Your home for visitors, Insurance Service-we are working with all major Insurance companies in Bulgaria, and will get You the best price for Your Bulgarian Property insurance policy. In case of a damage, we will help You to get in touch with the insurance broker, and arrange the best possible compensation. We can help You with the furnishing and getting some essentials for Your home, making it more suitable for renting.

images - Property Management Bulgaria
Reliable and profitable way to manage Your Bulgarian property
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