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Property Management Bulgaria Ltd. is pleased to invite you to take advantage of our team of Legal Professionals – lawyers, solicitors, accountants, who can provide expert advice and assistance on any legal issues and paperwork you may encounter.

 Bulgarian Limited Company set up
Foreign citizens may have the possession over buildings, but may not acquire land. Foreign legal entities and physical persons can however acquire land via a Bulgarian registered company / OOD or EOOD being the equivalent of Limited Company or Limited Company with single shareholder/. Bulgarian Home Care Ltd can assist you with organizing all legal paper work for a competent lawyer and you will be requested only to sign the necessary company set-up documents after being explained and translated to you by an authorized Sworn Translator.

 Bulgarian Limited Company alterations
If you already have your Bulgarian Limited Company set up and would like some aliterations to be done in company, our competent lawyers will advise you on the best solutions, will prepare for you all legal paperwork and will act on your behalf in front of the Government authorities.

Partner to join the company
Partner to leave the company
Alterations in the company share holders
Other company alliterations that may arise

 Bulgarian Limited Company Re-registration
A new Law for the Trade Register came into force on 1.01.2008. This Law refers to the registration of new business companies in Bulgaria as well as registrations of all existing companies in the new online trade register. According to this new Law, all existing companies must be registered in the new Register Agency by 31.12.2010. If this is not done, they will be removed from the register of companies in Bulgaria resulting in loss of their assets (properties for example).

The new trade register is hosted by the Commercial Registration Agency and is planned as a unified data base of all companies in Bulgaria and their details.

The needed documents are:

Articles of association of the company
Specific Power of Attorney given to a lawyer to represent the company for its registration in the online register
Notarized applications for Re-registration signed by the manager of the company before a Bulgarian Notary Public or at a Bulgarian Embassy abroad.

PMB Ltd can assist you in Re-registering your company. You can authorize us to act on your behalf; we shall prepare for you the needed legal paperwork and on the end will supply you with the new Re-register certificate.

  Accountant Service
We maintain close relationship with major accountant offices that support obtaining the optimum financial and accounting result.

Single service for your Bulgarian Limited Company with organizing annual Tax return form;
Regular accountant services for you trading Bulgarian Company;
Accountant advices on tax return, capital gains taxes, Bulgarian properties purchase and resale etc;
Submitting yearly company financial statements in the Commercial Register Agency

 Other lawyers and paperwork services
Our lawyers and solicitors can give you an expert legal advice on specific matters like:

Establishing right to build over a property;
Rental or lease contracts;
Building contracts, obtaining building permission, change of land statute;

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