Cleaning services

Cleaning services

 cleaning services - Cleaning services
Property Management Bulgaria Ltd. has a highly qualified team of hygienists, who can do the cleaning of your property as well as washing of towels and linen. We are committed to outstanding customer service and care. Our cleaning team will handle all of your needs, with services including but not limited to fine detailed cleaning, window washing, vacuuming, dusting, garbage removal and our laundry service.

circle2 - Cleaning services Bathroom & Kitchen Cleaning wiping down and disinfecting all countertops, sinks, wipe down appliances, scrubbing of tub and showers, toilets and floors

circle2 - Cleaning services  Dinning and Living rooms Cleaning – vacuuming, mopping, sweeping, and dusting

circle2 - Cleaning services  Bedroom Cleaning vacuuming, making beds, wiping down mirrors, putting items away and dusting.

circle2 - Cleaning services  Cleaning of furniture and carpets with high quality technology

circle2 - Cleaning services  Cleaning of windows

circle2 - Cleaning services  Cleaning out Garage & Attic, Sheds, or Basements

circle2 - Cleaning services  Move-in or Move-out cleaning

circle2 - Cleaning services  Cleaning and washing of towels and linen whatever your laundry needs we have a service to suit you. Whether its a spring cleaning for your duvet, your whole weeks washing or just your ironing, when its all gathered too much, laundry before and after your rental guests visits, we will collect it from your home and return it fresh and ready to go.

circle2 - Cleaning services  Dry cleaning including all clothes & garments, blankets, duvets, pillows, curtains, covers etc.

circle2 - Cleaning services  We are available on call or we can set up a regular schedule to suit your needs.

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