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residential property policiesBulgaria is one of the most favored countries for property investors since property is relatively inexpensive in Bulgaria as compared to others. Bulgaria has made its mark into the mainstream of international commerce and has a stable economy. This has also encouraged the ownership of real estate by foreign nationals within the borders of Bulgaria.

Buying Bulgarian Property

Investing in property includes the acquisition, operation, management and disposal of the property, all accomplished in a legal fashion.Only Bulgarian citizens and legal residents can own land in Bulgaria and


Commercial Property Policies

commercial property managementBulgaria is considered as one of the fastest growing tourism and property markets, attracting the tourists with beautiful beaches, resorts and stunning mountains. The state is a popular holiday destination and the fact is most suitable for the foreign investors of commercial property in Bulgaria. Apart form the a fore mentioned reason, Bulgaria also has a stable economy, great capital growth and EU membership, making it the most sought out place for property investment.

The liberal foreign investment laws in Bulgaria are encouraging more and more people to invest in the commercial property. According to the law on property ownership rights, foreign investors can buy buildings but not land and the easy solution for them is to set up a company which can own the land for


Foreign Investment Policies

foreign investment policiesBulgaria has liberal foreign investment laws in the region regarding Bulgarian real estate and foreign investors. Property in Bulgaria is growing fast with the increase in property prices, placing the country among property price growth leaders on a global scale. The country has been politically stable with a developing economy.

The preferential conditions for foreign investors have generated exceptional business opportunities and investment growth potential. The real estate prices are lower in Bulgaria as compared to other destinations in Europe and that makes the country attractive and profitable.

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